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High-End Audio Auctions has been the trusted source for vintage, classic and high-end audio components on eBay since 2000! We have a rotating inventory of the finest equipment and parts from top brands like McIntosh, Krell, Conrad Johnson and more.

We are experts at shipping around the world, and often have exclusive, rare and never-before-seen-on-eBay items.

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Isobearing mkII Vibration Damping Support Globes - Audio Prism - Isolation Tweak

Dayton Audio Spike Kit - Parts Express - Speaker Amplifier Vibration Isolation

Cello Music & Film Systems Series 8 DAC - DA-8.1 and PS8 - Mark Levinson

Vienna Acoustics Strauss Midrange Driver Woofer - Spare Part - New in Box DIY

Audio Prism ACFX Power Line Filter mkII - IEC - Conditioner - Made in USA

Heavy Weight Metal Record Clamp - VPI Basis Denon Linn - Turntable Player

IXOS First XFA02 Audio Interconnect Cable - 2 Meter - RCA-RCA - Audiophile

IXOS First XFA02 Audiophile Audio Interconnect Cable - 2 Meter - RCA-RCA

Mission 783 Speaker Crossovers - Tweeters - Front Baffles - Grills - Spare Parts

Monster Cable Bass 300 Subwoofer Audio Cable Interconnect - 4 meter - RCA-RCA

Monster Cable Bass 300 RCA Subwoofer Audio Cable - 4 meter - Home Theater

Straight Wire Symphony II Audio Interconnect - 3.2 Feet - RCA-RCA - Made in USA

Toslink Optical SPDIF Cable - 30 Feet - Digital Audio - DAC - Interconnect

UTC A-18 Audio Transformers - Set of 3 - TESTED - Vintage - Made in USA

Monster Cable M-Series M550i Balanced Audiophile Interconnects - XLR - 3.5 ft

UTC A-10 Audio Transformers - PAIR - TESTED - Vintage - Made in USA

Shallco CP-350-T Potentiometer Volume Attenuator Control - Daven Company Vintage

UTC A-39 Audio Transformers - Set of 5 - TESTED - Vintage - Made in USA

Daven CP-350-T Potentiometer Volume Attenuator Control - Shallco

Vintage Thorens BTD-12S Turntable Tonearm - TD135 - Switzerland

Audio Technica AT-605 Vibration Isolation Feet - Turntable Stereo Amplifier

Better Cables Silver Serpent II Audio Cable Interconnect Eichmann RCA's

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant - Box of 5 - New - Soundproofing

Freed Transformer Co. - no. 32035 - Scully Recording - 020-304-001 Audio Output

REL Habitat 1 Wireless Subwoofer - Home Theater - Longbow - Made in UK

Rogers Studio 1A Bookshelf Stereo Speakers - Made in England

Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tubes Amplitrex Tested! - PAIR - Original Boxes

Audio Prism Quiet Line mkII - Parallel AC Line Filter Conditioner  8 New in Box

Red Rose Music 1934 Stereo Audio Interconnect Cable - RCA- 3ft - Pure OFC Copper

Red Rose Silver 1 Stereo Audio Interconnects-RCA-3ft- PURE Silver -Mark Levinson